Foreclosure Prevention

Should you experience difficulty paying your mortgage, help may be available. It is very important that you contact your loan servicer immediately and don’t let the payment deadline pass. HUD-certified housing counselors can help you navigate this situation successfully and avoid a foreclosure. Your first step is to seek assistance as soon as you suspect that you may not be able to make a payment.

THDA HUD-Certified Housing Counselors:

THDA is a HUD-approved counseling agency with certified housing counselors who will have a confidential conversation with you to discuss your situation and will help you determine the best way to address your needs. Housing counselors do not provide financial assistance but can provide you with resources and solutions. Most importantly, they will help you put together a plan that will guide you step by step through this difficult time.

For general program help call:
(855) 890-8073 or email:

For HUD Counseling services call:
(888) 483-8432 or email:

Reinstatement Only Program

The Reinstatement Only Program (ROP) will provide assistance to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage loans and are in imminent danger of losing their home to foreclosure due to a qualified hardship that occurred after they acquired their home. Click here to learn more about ROP.

Suspected Fraud
Any suspected fraud in connection with HHF Programs should be reported to THDA for immediate review. THDA reserves the right to decline funding or participation if it is determined that fraud has occurred.

Report Fraud To:

To request an HHF Payoff Statement, email

For general program questions, email

To reach us by phone, call (855) 890-8073.






Non-Participating Servicers

Application Instructions


Program Forms

4506-T Tax Return Transcript Request
Credit Authorization
Third Party Authorizations Form
Owners Affidavit
Hardship Affidavit
PRRPLE ROP Dodd Frank Certification
KMTH Counselors

While the housing market has strengthened in parts of Tennessee, there is still a need to help homeowners that are continuing to experience negative effects due to the housing crisis. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) provides mortgage assistance to homeowners across the State of Tennessee. The purpose of these programs are to assist homeowners of low to moderately low incomes remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure.