Important Program Change!

This program partially closed as of the end of the day July 31, 2014, but applications will still be accepted for Tennessee homeowners who are having difficulty paying their mortgage due to either a long-term medical disability OR to being in the military. If you feel that your hardship falls into one of these two categories, please click on the appropriate button below to answer the pre-screening questions and determine basic eligibility.

If your hardship does not fall into one of these two categories, you may click here for a list of approved Foreclosure Prevention Counselors who can help you determine your best options.

Military Hardship Program application

Long-term medical disability hardship questionnaire

Avoiding Foreclosure

Are you anticipating a change to your mortgage that will be too expensive for you? Do not ignore the situation, act now. THDA has provided training to many organizations across Tennessee that will provide free and confidential counseling about your options. Please do not delay.

Start with the company that made the mortgage with you. Mortgage lenders can offer services to persons who are facing unaffordable payments. More options are available.

Identify your Contacts

  • Contact a certified counselor. These agencies are valuable resources. They have information on services and programs offered by government agencies and private/community organizations that might be able to help you. These counseling services are free of charge.
  • Your original lender may have sold your mortgage to a servicer. The servicer is the company that collects the monthly payment.
  • The federal government is offering information and options. For more information aimed at helping homeowners stay in their homes, see tips on how to avoid foreclosure, or see how to use changes to the FHA program for information on how to refinance with FHA.